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Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman on Lucy

Cosa succederebbe se usassimo anche solo il 20% del nostro cervello? E il 100%? È la premessa di Lucy, un filmone adrenalinico tra azione e fantascienza. Ce lo racconta la protagonista Scarlett Johansson insieme a Morgan Freeman, nella parte dello scienziato. LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

Scarlett Johansson (Standard American accent)

Lucy is just a… in my mind she’s just a girl who is living in Taipei, maybe doing a little bit of modelling or kind of odd jobs here and there, she’s a student. And she’s been away from home for six months, and she’s just kind of in a transient phase in her life when we find her, and she’s kind of figuring out who she is, and she’s feeling a little bit like she should probably get her life on track, and it’s kind of all we know about her when we find her. 

Morgan Freeman (Mild African American accent)

I’m a professor of neurology, lecturing at the Sorbonne. I have been, for a number of years, doing hypotheses about what would happen if you could get access to a larger portion of your brain, say 20 per cent even. Right now it’s fairly well accepted that we only use about 10 per cent of the brain’s capacity.

The interview continues in the October issue of Speak Up.