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Hidden London: Wormwood Scrubs

Il parco che circonda il carcere di Wormwood Scrubs è uno dei luoghi più idilliaci di Londra e anche uno dei meno conosciuti: una riserva naturale che ospita prati, boschi e una colonia di pappagalli. Ce ne parla Netty Ribeaux, che si occupa della tutela del verde.

Netty Ribeaux (Standard British accent)

Hello, my name is Netty Ribeaux. I’m the nature conservation officer for Groundwork. I’m standing on Wormwood Scrubs and behind me you can see the prison with the big wall. The Scrubs is actually a large area, about 14 hectares, nearly, and it’s a lovely nature reserve. There’s all sorts of different species here, we’ve got birds, we’ve got butterflies, and in fact it’s been designated as a local nature reserve because of the common lizard, which we also find here.

Groundwork is an environmental regeneration charity. We do all sorts of different work, but mainly working on green spaces, improving (the) environment, giving people a chance of  employment and sort of trying to improve people’s lives through improving the environment.  

(Netty Ribeaux was talking to Mark Worden)

The interview continues in the November issue of Speak Up. To read the main article, Wormwood Scrubs: the prison in the park, click here.