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Recommended Reading: Why Italians love Glenn Cooper!

Glenn Cooper è l’autore di avvincenti bestseller, dei thriller pieni di misteri. L’autore è amatissimo in Italia, dove vende molto di più che negli Stati Uniti. Nel Belpaese le vendite (dei suoi cinque libri) sono circa due milioni! Perché? Secondo Cooper perché gli italiani sono più colti, più interessati a concetti complessi e più pazienti... By Mark Worden LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED) 

Glenn Cooper (Standard American accent)

There’s certainly... there’s a... there’s a terrific interest on the part of... Italian readers in... in... in difficult concepts and maybe more difficult books. Some... some countries like... like America, readers like things handed to them on a platter and made very... very simple. Sometimes Americans will say to me, “Oh, there are too many characters in your books, and there’s... you have to deal with one time frame and then another time frame and you get... you get lost. Well, there’s more patience, I find, in... in the... the European mindset in general and the Italian mindset in... in... in particular. So it’s a... it’s a happy confluence. I write books that... that I like, and it so happens that Italians seem to like... like the books, too.

A lot of writers are.. share this opinion that... that television has become a more interesting medium than... than film, especially for the extended exploration of... of characters and... and scenarios. So, for example, I’ve recently done a... done a deal with The Library of the Dead trilogy for a TV... a TV series, and I’d like to see a similar kind of a treatment for... for Dannati in the future.

(Glenn Cooper was speaking at the Mondadori Multicenter in Milan, on the occasion of the launch of his novel Dannati, which is  published in Italian by Casa Editrice Nord. This is before the publication of the English language version).  


Readers like things handed to them on a platter. I lettori sono contenti se servi loro le cose su un piatto (cioè se gli presenti le cose in modo molto semplice). Da notare che gli americani dicono to serve on a platter, mentre i britannici dicono to serve on a plate.