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Le Cool, Dublin

Il turista creativo oggi sceglie Le Cool: un modo innovativo di visitare le città. Vi spieghiamo cos’è, e vi portiamo a Dublino, insieme a Micheal McDermott, il curatore di questi tour originali! LANGAUGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

Michael McDermott (Irish accent)

One of the challenges we’ve had was people that would have started off saying, “Oh, you know what? There isn’t an awful lot to do in Dublin, really, you know, you can go to the pubs or maybe the cinema, but I don’t know what’s going on.” And that’s been our challenge is to actually to counterbalance it and to say like, “Actually, there is stuff, you just need to dig a bit deeper, and we’re helping in this regard.” And from there we just decided, “Well, we’re spending most of our days sitting at laptops talking about great things and not necessarily getting out to see them as much as, you know, it may appear that we do.” And it was out of that that we kind of got thinking about the idea of “What if we did something that was pretty eclectic as a walking tour, that wasn’t traditional in any regard, that wasn’t historical, that kept reinventing itself, that kind of reflected the nature of what any good city should be, something that’s continually evolving, that’s, you know, that’s... creating ideas.

We do them... tend to do them on a Thursday and a Saturday. We normally do about three or four a month. We announce them just through Le Cool, so they go up on Le Cool and we spread them, you know, tweet about it and Facebook it as well. There’s a max of 15 people on each one, just because we want to have that intimacy to go into spaces that you couldn’t normally go into, so a lot of it’s about access, access to people and spaces.

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