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English food for Italians?

Goodbye Cockroach Pie è un libro di ricette per studenti universitari. Come sapete gli inglesi, che hanno una cultura culinaria un po’ diversa dalla nostra, a 18 anni lasciano la casa dei genitori per frequentare l’università e devono imparare quindi a cucinare. Ma un italiano potrebbe imparare qualcosa da questo libro? Secondo le autrici: assolutamente sì! By Mark Worden - LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

Casilda Grigg (Standard British accent)

Yes, I think Italians are probably at a disadvantage because a lot of them… the cooking is done by the women in the family, by their mothers and aunts and grandmothers, and I would guess that an Italian student has even less expertise in the kitchen than a British student, and a British student probably can do cheese… cheese on toast or something very basic, but an Italian… a young Italian person used to all the women in the family spoiling him or her with fantastic food, probably actually hasn’t really done much,  and so in Italy my impression is that students  often don’t go away from home to university, they stay at home, so they may not need the cookery schools, but… the cookery skills… but in life this book is… it’s beyond… it goes beyond students, doesn’t it? There’s a lot of stuff in there that you could cook at any stage of your life.

Rosanna Kelly (Standard British accent)

Yes, I think so, and I don’t know what the Italian… we’ve got a section on puddings, and I… I… I think the English pudding, it’s more than an English pudding, isn’t it?

Casilda Grigg

Well, we make the best puddings in the world, don’t we?

Rosanna Kelly

Yes, we do, so that’s perhaps something the Italian students…

Casilda Grigg

That’s something we can be really proud of in this country is pudding…

Rosanna Kelly


Casilda Grigg

awful as that sounds!
(Rosanna Kelly and Casilda Grigg were talking to Mark Worden)