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London Historians

Siete interessati alla storia di Londra? C’è un club che fa per voi! Si chiama London Historians: gli iscritti partecipano a discussioni, visite guidate e una volta al mese si incontrano... al pub! Ce lo presenta il direttore, Mike Paterson.

Mike Paterson (Standard English/Zimbabwe accent)

Yeah, hi, I’m Mike Paterson, I run a organization (sic) called London Historians, which I started five years ago, and it’s a subscription club for anybody who’s interested in the history of London, essentially. We send out monthly newsletters, we meet every month at the pub and I also organize lots of talks and walks and behind-the-scenes visits to museums and art galleries and archives and things like that. And it’s very sociable and the idea is that we all exchange our enthusiasm, our expertise, we help each other out with questions or research or anything of that nature, and we have about 500 members now. And it’s... it’s a lot of fun. So that’s what London Historians is all about: www.londonhistorians.org. Come and see us!

(Mike Paterson was talking to Mark Worden)

To listen to our interview with Mike Paterson talking about London's Piccadilly Circus (Speak Up, March 2015), click here

(The footage shown is of a commemoration, held on January 25th, of the anniversary of the execution of Charles I (in 1649). The commemoration  was organized by the English Civil War Society).


A organization. Il termine giusto è an organization. Errori di questo tipo sono normali nell’inglese parlato (spoken English). Sono meno accettabili nell’inglese scritto (written English).