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Passione italiana!

Alex Dunitz in Inghilterra insegna... italiano! Il circolo che ha creato si chiama Passione Italiana. In questa video-intervista ci spiega di cosa si tratta e su Speak Up di aprile ci racconta delle problematiche che gli inglesi incontrano nell’apprendere la nostra lingua.

Alex Dunitz (Standard British accent)

Right, Passione Italiana was born in 2011, and we started this Italian circle, I would call it, I think is the closest thing I can get to describing it. So it’s like an Italian circle for people who are passionate, like myself, about Italian, Italy, Italians, and they just want to learn new topics, new expressions, new words, whatever that might be. So I started hiring rooms at the college, OK? So this, of course,  is… is the main room in the college. So we hire rooms here once a month and we have presentations. Tonight, for example, we’re going to be talking about Leonardo da Vinci, and we meet once a month, so the topics vary. I mean, I’ve spoken about... I’ve presented Garibaldi, we presented La Mafia, we presented… we also did Italian quizzes, you know, and Italian culture and language and also the very controversial “Shakespeare was Italian,” OK? So… and that… that was… that went down a storm! So a variety of topics. And then I also started… two years ago, round about two years ago, I’d say, to do these presentations in… in restaurants, too, so I’ve been in three different restaurants and the one I’m at now, it’s… it’s once a month, they have a set menu,  and they can also enjoy, I hope,  my… my presentation. So obviously over there because it’s a restauarant and they have their food, there’s no… they can’t take any notes, there’s no homework, obviously, so it’s all about enjoying the atmosphere, enjoying the food, enjoying the language, and what I tend to present over there are Italian cities and regions, which of course, gives me then the opportunity to present the food and the… the culture, and the… the wines, for example, and then we try to tie the menu in with, of course, that particular region. So we’ve done Abruzzo, Sardegna, Firenze, there’s Pisa next… the one after this one is going to be Pisa. And they seem to enjoy it, and it’s something very different that… that… that they… they can’t find in any other restaurant, really, so, yeah, hopefully, this can carry on for quite some time, yeah, la Passione Italiana!

(Alex Dunitz was talking to Mark Worden)   

The interview continues in the April issue of Speak Up, click here to listen to it.