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My favourite pub

James Drury è il direttore di Londonist.com, un sito tutto su Londra! Visitatelo e guardate questa video-intervista in cui James, da buon inglese, ci parla del suo pub preferito... By Mark Worden - LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

James Drury (Standard British accent)

I’m James Drury. I’m the editor of Londonist.com. We’re a website all about London, it’s London for Londoners, so we cover news, features, politics, history, things to do, food and drink, everything that you’d want to know about London as a Londoner.
So I have a real passion for… for the London pub, the traditional pubs in London, I suppose, the kind of places where you can get a pint, and a seat! And have a chat with your friends, and it’s not about trendy cocktails bars and it’s not necessarily really busy and bustling and full of young people because on my… I like people-watching, it’s probably why I’m a journalist because I’m interested in people, so when I go to one of these pubs, I can sit with my friends and talk but I can also watch some of the other people that are in the pub, and some of the times they’re friendly too, and you can get talking… start talking to new people and meet new people and hear about their life experiences.  I think I secretly just like the fact that I can get a seat, though! It’s probably not fair but my favourite pub is The Old Ship in Limehouse but that’s just me personally.
It’s a pub on a square kind of in… just off the DLR  at Limehouse which is… it’s just a traditional pub, it’s a… it’s a gay-friendly place, they have beers and a couple of TV screens and a pool table and it’s not very busy, but the staff are really friendly and lovely, and it’s a nice place that I like to go with my friends just  to sit down and have a… have a couple of pints and catch up.

(James Drury was talking to Mark Worden)

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DLR. Docklands Light Railway, una metropolitana leggera che collega East London, oppure The East End, con il centro. È stata inaugurata nel 1987 quando la zona London Docklands (il vecchio porto verso l’est) ha iniziato la sua rinascita “postindustriale”.

Catch up. Aggiornarsi. Il phrasal verb to catch up significa recuperare ma qui vuol dire aggiornarsi nel senso di due (o più) amici che non si vedono da un po’ e che si raccontano tutto quello che hanno fatto nel frattempo.