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Recommended Reading: The Girl on the Train

Chuck Rolando, voce storica di Speak Up, ci consiglia un libro da leggere in inglese: The Girl on the Train, un interessante thriller o, come dicono gli inglese, un whodunnit...  LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

Chuck Rolando (Standard American accent)

I read a lot, I’m reading two books right now, I often read simultaneously and I’m reading books that are about a century apart, actually, I’m reading Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy again, and I know it’s… it’s being made into a movie again, so it’s a pleasure to read that and… and try to understand the dialect that he tries to portray in print, for you people that study English, of course this is much… it takes place in Dorset, I believe. And a more current novel I’m reading is a very good thriller that I would recommend to anybody who’s ever commuted on a train. It’s called The Girl on the Train by… Paula Hawkins, and it involves what you see when you go training past houses and homes and you wonder what the people get up to in their lives, and this one person is observing a little bit too much and her imagination gets ahead of her, and then she finds herself involved in quite a… a whodunnit, as we used to say in English, which is what you would call a giallo in Italian. It’s very good… a good story: I recommend it.  

(Chuck Rolando was talking to Mark Worden)      


Thriller, whodunnit. Un giallo. Come spiega Chuck Rolando il termine whodunnit (che è un’alterazione di who done it? “Chi l’ha fatto”?) è un po’ arcaico anche se si usa tutt’oggi (sia per un libro sia per un film). Il termine più moderno è thriller che, letteralmente indica un libro, un film (ma anche un evento sportivo) “che eccita”. Ad esempio il famoso incontro di pugilato tra Muhammad Ali e Joe Frazier nelle Filippine nel 1975 è stato soprannominato The thriller in Manila.

When you go training past. Quando passi in treno. Questa è una forma molto rara. Sarebbe più normale dire when you go past houses by train.