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Living in Italy: Jane Pollard

Il bello e il brutto dell’Italia? Secondo l’inglese Jane Pollard, in Italia da anni dove lavora come consulente linguistica e universitaria: il rapporto con il cibo. Da un lato gli italiani lo adorano nel senso più puro e sincero, ma solo se si tratta di cucina nazionale: per il resto disprezzano tutto ciò che appartiene alla tradizione culinaria straniera...  By Mark Worden LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)


Jane Pollard (Standard British accent)

I also like the fact that there is so much regional pride and interest, so people, they don’t just like food for the sake of it, but if you’re…if you go to visit somebody in a region, they will take you to the regional speciality for the special cake or the particular salami, or the particular form of pasta combined with a particular type of sauce, and it’s very… very careful… very… associated with the territory, and I think that is… I think that’s absolutely charming because it’s… it’s part of the… the personality and the tradition of… of each region, and that’s what makes Italy as whole so rich, it’s… it goes beyond the… the international… internationally renowned art, history, culture, and… it’s… it gives that particular… particularly welcoming human perspective to Italy.   


And while they are rightly proud of their food, I don’t like the fact that Italians are so… chauvinistic about food, and when they go somewhere else, they so often seek out a pizza or a plate of pasta in the most unlikely places, and then are disappointed with the food. I mean, why don’t they just… eat… why don’t they apply the same regional pride and regional interest to other people’s… other people’s cuisine? That’s one of the things that… that I find irritating about Italians; and about Italy, well I… I like most things about Italy, except the taxation, but there we are!

(Jane Pollard was talking to Mark Worden)


But there we are! Ma cosa vuoi fare? Questa frase, che significa letteralmente “Ma eccoci qui” è un modo per esprimere la rassegnazione: “Cosa vuoi fare, tanto non puoi farci niente”.