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Bedford - the Italian town

A Bedford c’è una folta comunità italiana. L’immigrazione iniziò negli anni ‘50 quando la città doveva essere ricostruita dopo la guerra, ma pochi inglesi volevano fare quel lavoro. Per gli italiani, tra fatiche e pregiudizi, all’inizio non fu facile. Ce ne parla Guy Moliterno, figlio di un emigrato… By Mark Worden - LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

Guy Moliterno (Standard British accent)

It’s a story of a nation, Italy, having come through the war: no work, famine, especially in the South of Italy, the courage shown by all our parents coming over with a... half-empty suitcase, with the promise of work, a permit, which allowed them to work. It wasn’t necessarily how much they were getting ‘cause anything would do. They had responsibilities in Italy to make sure that they sent money home so that they could help their brothers, sisters and parents to continue living. So I think it’s a sad story because Italy couldn’t provide, but it’s a fantastic story of a nation needing a workforce and giving the Italians the opportunity of doing so, and they’ve all flourished, there aren’t that many people, many families, that have landed on poverty  – I’m sure there were one or two, but the community made sure that it didn’t happen – so, overall, I think it’s an incredible story.

The interview continues in the July issue of Speak Up, click here to listen to it.