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Recommended Reading: Mark Twain

Per l’estate vi consigliamo un classico: Vita sul Mississippi di Mark Twain, un’opera autobiografica, pubblicata nel 1883, in cui l’autore ricorda le sue esperienze di navigazione sul fiume che attraversa gli States. Ce ne parla Carl Schonbeck, musicista, insegnante e scrittore… By Mark Worden LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)   

Carl Schonbeck  (Standard American accent)

Although what he also mentions, that also the... the railways have had a big impact on the... on the riverboat traffic too, that it’s dying out, basically, it’s dying out. So he’s seeing, you know, something that he, you know, was, you know, part of his youth dying, basically, and he kind of comes to terms with that, you know, and realizes that things... things change, and... and there’s a point where, actually, he starts to turn his attention more to the... the second half of this book is funny because it’s a comedy, but it’s... also becomes... it’s a bit like, you know, a 19th century Bill Bryson, you know, because it’s more like a travel diary, you know, he talks about New Orleans, he’s... he makes...  you know, all the cities along... along the river, he spends a lot of time talking about New Orleans, really, still, you know, great reading, you know, things that make... make it different from the rest of the United States, and one... very interesting, he hits Chicago, you know, in... in you know, he’s... you know, he says, “Will it... will it ever stop growing?” You know, it’s the fastest growing city, you know, in history... you know, in the history of mankind, basically! You know, he talks about that, and Minneapolis-Saint Paul, he’s talking about this is, you know, has a great future, you know, he’s really... he’s seeing... you get the feeling he’s seeing what’s... what’s... what’s coming, almost, you know, the 20th century, you know, this explosion of technology. Somebody referred to it, you know, the “old weird America,” you know, the old weird... it’s strange and eccentric, you know, there was that sort of eccentric quality... you know, people, I remember, outcasts in all these other countries, that they would go there, to the, you know, States, and they’d make a life there, and that’s dying out, you know, you’re starting to get more of a uniformed, you know, culture, you know... the Civil War has finished, that had a big influence on this too and he’s sort of preparing... it’s almost like he’s preparing us for that, in a way, I found, you know, in touch with the technology, the... you know, the... the growth... the growth, this... this unbelievable growth and you know, and it’s not going... and he’s saying, “And it’s not going to stop.” You know, so...
(Carl Schonbeck was talking to Mark Worden)


He hits Chicago. A un certo punto va a Chicago. Soprattutto nello slang americano si usa il verbo to hit (letteralmente “colpire”) per indicare il concetto di andare a (oppure di arrivare in) una città. Si dice anche to hit town (“arrivare in città”).