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J4 Milan: the Italian Super Bowl!

L’Independence Day si è festeggiato anche a Milano! Il 4 luglio il Vigorelli si è vestito di stelle e strisce e tutti hanno vissuto appieno lo spirito americano… Il momento clou? La finale di football: i Seamen Milano hanno vinto il XXXV Italian Bowl battendo 24-14 i Panthers Parma. Ve lo siete persi? No problem! Speak Up c’era...

Amie Louie (Standard American accent)

Hello, my name is Amie Louie and this is Aaron...

Aaron Pugliesi (Standard American/very mild Italian accent)

Aaron Pugliesi...

Amie Louie

... Pugliesi, my partner. We are the founders of Easy Milano, the magazine for the English-speaking community, and we are here as organizers of J4Milan, the annual Independence Day celebration. This year we’ve created an American festival, the first American festival in Italy, so welcome!

Aaron Pugliesi

This year we’re going to have the Italian football championship participating at the American festival, and there’s a lot of wonderful fans here, and it’s going to be a great match!

Jonathan Dally (Standard American accent)

My name’s Jonathan Dally. I come from Yreka, California, I played college at California Polytechnic State, or Cal Poly, the Mustangs: Go Mustangs! This is my fifth year in Europe playing football, my third in Italy and my second with the Milano Seamen, getting ready for Super Bowl XXXV...

Ah, well, it’s, you know, it’s exciting seeing everybody here for the American festival, we’re going to put on a heck of a show, and it’s going to be a... a great game. Parma Panthers are, they’re... they’re fierce competitors, every time we play, it’s a great match-up, and it’s a recap from last season, you know, when we had the championship, so it’s a rematch, so they’ll be out to get us, and then we’ve got to try to defend our title...

Oh, I love the competition and the camaraderie, just the ability... it’s the ultimate team sport, you have to get 11 players to play on every play, and I just love being able to lead a family of... of... you know, of warriors, and I feel like just my passion for that and getting everybody to rally around a cause and... and it’s just... it’s great, that’s... you know, that’s what I fell in love with.

Ambassador Philip T. Reeker (Standard American accent)

As an American diplomat, I’ve spent a lot of time outside my country, and often celebrated important holidays abroad, away from family and friends and traditions, but this year it’s particularly special, and we don’t feel far away from home; there’s so many elements of America here today.

Italian announcer

In questo primo Italian Bowl, la 35esima finale...

(Amie Louie, Aaron Pugliesi and Jonathan Dally were talking to Mark Worden)


We’re going to put on a heck of a show. Vi faremo vedere un grandissimo spettacolo. La parola heck è semplicemente un eufemismo americano per hell (inferno) e risale all’epoca in cui dire hell in pubblico non era considerata una bella cosa.

They’ll be out to get us. Saranno in cerca di vendetta. Come sapete, il verbo to get ha tantissimi significati, ma qui vuol dire “prendere, battere, fare a pezzi”.