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Recommended Reading: Wuthering Heights

Jacqueline Rosadoni è la bibliotecaria della English Library di Alassio: una biblioteca fornitissima, di opere inglesi! Dopo averla intervistata (clicca qui per leggere l'intervista) le abbiamo chiesto di consigliarci un libro. Jacqueline ha scelto Cime tempestose (Wuthering Heights) di Emily Brontë... By Mark Worden LANGUAGE LEVEL B2 (UPPER INTERMEDIATE)  

Jacqueline Rosadoni (Standard British accent)

The book that I have read 100 times: Wuthering Heights! I know it’s not a modern... it’s not a modern book and I don’t know if modern people like to read it, but Wuthering Heights is my favourite book. Every so often I pick it up and I read it all over again. It’s romantic. I can see this rough Heathcliff and this kind of... love story between them, declared and not declared, a... a kind of a.... a mystery between them: they’re in love with each other, but they never want to say that they’re in love with each other, and I... I just particularly like it; it carries me away.
(Jacqueline Rosadoni was talking to Mark Worden)