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Per chi era abituato a munirsi di una copia di Time Out appena arrivato a Londra, per aggiornarsi sugli eventi della città, cattive notizie. Time Out è ora ‘free press’, ma è quasi introvabile ed è molto meno esauriente di un tempo. La buona notizia è che ora c’è Londonist.com, il sito pieno di idee e notizie per sapere proprio tutto ciò che succede a Londra. By Mark Worden - LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

James Drury (Standard British accent)

I’m James Drury, I’m the editor of Londonist, which is a website and company which is dedicated to telling people all about the great things that there are to do in London, the politics, the history of the place, news. It’s London for Londoners, basically, which is a really good insider’s guide to the capital and everything that makes people who live here tick. We’ve been going for 10 years, as a site, it was started 10 years ago as a blog called The Big Smoke, and it’s developed and grown and, in the last three years, it became a business in its own right, so, yeah, it’s really taken off. We get about a million people a month coming to us from all over the world, but mostly based in London, or in London when they come to us because we have a combination of politics and news, like issues around housing and that kind of thing, which people from London are obsessed with! As well as all the cool and quirky things you can do, there’s a lot of geeky stuff as well. It’s one of these things that, if you live in London, or even if you just have a passing interest in London, it really gives you a… it’s like a thermometer, I suppose for a bit of a feeling of what the city’s like.

The interview continues in the August issue of Speak Up, click here to listen to it.