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Rugby: the beautiful game

Il 18 settembre iniziano i mondiali di rugby! Abbiamo incontrato Andrew Stead, un giocatore neozelandese trasferitosi a Milano, che ci racconta questo sport veramente di squadra, democratico, senza primedonne e ancora relativamente sano...

Andrew Stead (New Zealand accent)

Hello, I’m Andrew Stead. I play at ASR Milano in the... in the Serie A. I play in the forwards, at number 8. I’ve come from New Zealand. I’m 30 years old, I’ve had a long history in New Zealand playing. I played a couple of years in Japan as well, which was a... a really good exerience. I’m lucky enough to be living and playing in Italy now; player coach at the club there. The one thing I really like about the sport of rugby is it’s... it’s a true sport, it’s a true contest between... between people, it’s essentially man-on-man, one-on-one contest on the field, and there’s... there’s a complete and utter respect for everyone involved, for the opposition,  for your teammates, for the officials, the referee. You spend the whole game trying to...trying to kill the person in front of you, and then you get off the field and have a chat and have a beer with them afterwards.  It’s a... it’s a beautiful part of the game!

(Andrew Stead was talking to Mark Worden)

The interview continues in the September issue of Speak Up, click here to listen to it.