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Scotland at the Expo

Siamo andati a Expo a un evento dedicato alla Scozia, si è parlato di turismo, posti incantevoli e, soprattutto, di cibo! Ecco l’intervista con il ministro scozzese Richard Lochhead e lo chef Tom Lewis: tutti entusiasti di Expo! - LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED)

Richard Lochhead (Scottish accent)

Well, I’m here today to support Visit Scotland and the food and drink industry, promote everything that’s great about Scotland here at the Milan Expo and we’ve got the UK Pavilion for a few days to promote the Scottish themes, and that’s what we’re doing, we’re hosting various events and it’s great to see so much interest from Italian tourism operators and the  general public and all the visitors to the Expo in Scotland.

Tom Lewis (Standard British accent)

The great thing here is seeing all the different things that we see on the high street. People maybe don’t know where that food comes from and, you know, there’s this very... subtle line of education all the way through the day, and it’s so important because we buy our food from supermarkets now; we don’t know where our food comes from: fish comes in a box, meat’s already cut up. I think people come here, they can understand where these foods come from and, hopefully, at the end of the day put a value on these foods, so maybe eat a little bit less, but eat better.

Richard Lochhead

Well, I’d be surprised if anyone could be disappointed in the fact that 200,000 people are visiting a day, which is absolutely phenomenal. It’s like the Olympics combined with Disney World combined with the Commonwealth Games. It’s massive and it’s pretty spectacular. Clearly, there’s a lot of money invested in this by all the various countries taking part, so it’s up to these countries to work out whether they think it’s been a good investment, but it’s... it’s an opportunity that Scotland didn’t want to miss and that’s why we’re here. We’ve got a really good story to tell about Scotland. It’s great to get so much positive feedback from the international community and the Italian tourism operators in particular, so it’s worthwhile Scotland being here.

Tom Lewis

You tell me anywhere you can go in a day and go to so many countries, just take a little taste of food from that country, and understand about maybe what they produce in that country. I think it’s absolutely... you know, not only is it educational, a... a feast on the eyes, it’s great fun. No, I... I think it’s been a brilliant thing. I think it’s very easy for people.... very easy to be sceptical of these big things because they do cost lots of money, but, surely, I think it’s worth every penny.

(Richard Lochhead and Tom Lewis were talking to Mark Worden. For more on Tom Lewis’s work as a chef, click here: www.mhor.net)

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