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Happy Birthday, Tune into English Roadshow!

Fergal Kavanagh insegna l’inglese attraverso la musica pop: lo fa su Speak Up con la videorubrica Pop Songs ma soprattutto nelle scuole con il suo Tune Into English Roadshow, da 10 anni ormai! In questa videointervista, Fergal ci racconta questa avventura…  LANGUAGE LEVEL B2 (UPPER INTERMEDIATE)  

Fergal Kavanagh (Irish accent)

(During Tune into English: Hello, everybody, this Fergal Kavanagh, benvenuti a Tune Into English...)

My name is Fergal Kavanagh and I have a project called Tune Into English, which is learning English through pop music. In 2005 I started the Tune Into English Roadshow, which is a show, a performance, where I involve students in singing songs and doing language activities through music. So this year, in 2015, in November, we’re celebrating ten years of activity. So I’ve published this book called Ten Years of the Tune into English Roadshow, which basically is the scripts of all the shows that I have done up until this point. So it has the slides and instructions for how to do the show. It’s... it’s a celebration and a commemoration of ten years of the activity.

(During the Roadshow: Do you speak English? Yes, I think you do! OK, English: A, B, C. Very good! OK, what about music? Do you like music? La la la la. Good! Music...)

But the reaction has been fantastic. Students really love singing the songs. For them it’s a very, very different lesson: they’re doing the present perfect through pop music, rather than on... in their textbook. They might be a bit shy at the beginning of the show when... when first I...I ask them to sing but as the performance goes on, they... they... they just start singing at the top of their voices and... and enjoy it. It’s very, very... very motivating for them and afterwards they’re very, very enthusiastic: “Oh, I loved that! I loved that!” So very satisfying, yes.

(Fergal Kavanagh was talking to Mark Worden)


Tune into English. Questo è un gioco di parole, ovviamente, “musicale”! Tune è la melodia, la canzone e il verbo tune (something) significa sintonizzare, regolare la frequenza. Il phrasal verb tune into (something), invece, vuol dire “sintonizzarsi su qualcosa”, in questo caso: l’inglese!