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An Italian in L.A.

Pina De Rosa decise di lasciare la natìa Napoli a 18 anni con una meta precisa: Los Angeles. Oggi è tra le ‘motivational speaker’ più conosciute negli USA e le sue conferenze sono seguitissime (come potete vedere  in questo video parla addirittura alle prestigiosissime conferenze TED!) Ascoltatela: come ha fatto a imparare l’inglese così bene? Con la musica!

Pina De Rosa (Standard American accent)

Thank you, thank you. There are choices that we make that define us and there are moments that we hope never will. I’m here today to speak about choices and to give you a tool that will open up new access to choices and also to share something I like to call “Jedi listening.” My passion for story brought me to become a speaker, a coach and a film producer, and I was 10 years old when I first heard what I’m guessing was my inner voice say to me, “Go to Los Angeles.” Now, mind you, I was born and raised in Italy, I didn’t even know where Los Angeles was, frankly, at the time – in a movie somewhere – but for some reason I chose to listen to that voice.

Sometimes we make choices in the face of being ridicule(d). As a teenager, I taught myself5 English listening to Madonna songs. I was singing along, looking up the words, “Preach? Preach? What does that mean?” And I remember even joking with my friends, saying “One day I’ll get to thank Madonna for teaching me English!” And I had great grades as a result of it, but I was facing the ridicule of my friend(s) that were saying, “You’ve got an American accent!” And, finally, when I came to this country, I felt right at home! See, I came to this country when I was 18 years old with zero family here, and at times it felt lonely, yes, but I knew I’d come here for a specific purpose. I knew that I wanted to tell stories that make people laugh, that make people cried (cry), that make people think and that, hopefully, make people even take inspired action, and I knew I’d chosen to do it here in Los Angeles.
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