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London - The Vanished City

Londra inizia la sua storia come insediamento romano. In 2000 anni di intense attività umane è successo di tutto, tanti quartieri sono nati, altri si sono radicalmente trasformati e altri ancora sono scomparsi... o forse sono ancora sotto i nostri piedi, in attesa di rivedere la luce! Ce ne parla l’esperto, Tom Bolton…

Tom Bolton (Standard British accent)

Hi, my name’s Tom Bolton. I’m a writer  and researcher and I write about London, and my book Vanished City is about the bits of London that have disappeared. So it’s a way of looking at the city and seeing what used to be there, places that were once familiar and have now vanished and places that people don’t even know used to exist. Some of these are, for example, Limehouse Chinatown, London’s old Chinatown, bombed during the war, completely vanished, but once famous around the world. Or Streatham spa: Streatham is a... a London suburb not associated with... with spas at all, but it used to be a spa town, a place of resort that people would come to from across London and that’s all vanished entirely. So I’m looking for hidden histories and Vanished City is... is about hidden London.

(Tom Bolton, whose photos from his book, Vanished London, appear in this video, was talking to Mark Worden)

The interview continues in the February issue of Speak Up, click here to listen to it.

For more about Tom Bolton, visit: https://tombolton.co.uk/

He is also on Twitter: @teabolton