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Downton Abbey

Il 24 ottobre arriva nelle sale italiane il film Downton Abbey, dopo il grandissimo successo della serie TV britannica. Scopri le vicende della famiglia Crowley e della loro servitù nel castello di Highclere durante gli affascinanti anni Venti.

Downton Abbey is back! The aristocratic Crawley family and its servants returns in film version. The year is 1927 and Downton gets ready to receive a visit from King George V and Queen Mary. With the challenge of the royal visit ahead, there's work for everyone, including  Downton's retired butler, Carson.

One of the joys of Downton Abbey has always been the attention to detail. Writer, director and actors worked with historical advisor to keep the period detail as accurate as possible, from ensuring that the cutlery was correctly arranged for the formal dinner scenes to advising on the correct etiquette for introducing characters of different social ranks.

However, the language and accents used by the characters don't fully reflect English usage in the first quarter of the 20th century. The producers decided that an accurate reproduction of speech from that time might sound rather annoying to modern audiences.

Fans will be pleased to find that the film stays loyal to the feel of the series, with plenty of 1920s glamour and of course some classic lines from Maggie Smith as Downton's formidable Dowager Countess.

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