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Supporting the LA Dodgers

La nostra corrispondente Talitha Linehan è andata a una partita dei Dodgers, la squadra di Los Angeles. Guarda in questo video l’ambiente di festa che si respira allo stadio, in attesa delle combattute finali del campionato che si terranno proprio in questo mese.

Hi, this is Talitha here reporting for Speak Up magazine.

I'm at Dodger Stadium, the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The LA Dodgers are one of the thirty baseball teams that make up Major League Baseball. Fifteen of those teams, including the Dodgers, make up the National League, while the other fifteen make up the American League. Since March of this year, teams from each of these leagues have been competing against each other, and in October, the best team from each league will compete in a series of championship games known as the World Series. The Dodgers actually made it to the World Series last year but they lost to the Boston Red Sox, who won four out of five teams. So this year, Dodgers fans are hoping their team go all the way and win!

Dodgers fans come to the games to support their team, of course, but they also come to hang out with their friends, and eat many of the foods and drinks that are associated with going to a baseball game, like French fries and cold beer. But the most popular food at a baseball game has to be the hot dog. And here at Dodger Stadium you can get a Dodger Dog.That's a ten-inch pork wiener in a bun. There are also stands selling food and drink in a special souvenir cups that you can get home with you. And there are shops selling Dodger merchandise, like T-shirts and baseball caps.

But what Dodgers fans really wanna take home is the joy of seeing their team win another game and get one step closer to the World Series, which starts on October 22nd this year. Go Dodgers!

We just got a home run! Whooa!