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Meatless Burgers

La carne sintetica è la moda del momento. Abbiamo intervistato il proprietario di una hamburgeria vegana di Los Angeles che sta avendo molto successo, in cui si vendono Impossible e Beyond, i due tipi di burger "senza carne" creati da due aziende californiane.

Hi, this is Talitha reporting for Speak Up magazine. I'm at a vegan restaurant called Honeybee Burger in Los Feliz, Los Angeles to talk to founder Adam Weiss about the two meatless burgers that are served here: the Impossible burger and the Beyond burger both of which have become a national phenomenon.

Adam Weiss: The veggie burgers have been around forever, obviously, and to be fair, we’ve had them and they’re quite fine. Along came these two amazing companies, both California-based companies that consider themselves technology companies, by the way, with a deep understanding of technology. And their goal was to create a burger alternative that wasn’t just veggie or plant-based, but was superior to meat and, in fact, would be so good that it would allow meat eaters to not just prefer it but actually understand that cow and beef-based patties are not so great anymore.

Could this be the burger of the future? Let's take a bite! Yummy!