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Boris Johnson

Scopri chi è Boris Johnson, il primo ministro britannico candidato di nuovo alle elezioni nel Regno Unito del prossimo 12 dicembre.

Boris Johnson has used Euroscepticism throughout much of his career. He stoked the flames of Tory dislike for the European Union when he worked as a journalist and used the Brexit referendum of 2016 to topple David Cameron, the former Prime Minister who campaigned in favour of remaining in the EU and resigned when the result showed that most people wanted to leave. Many people, including Cameron, accused Boris of making false claims about what leaving the European Union would mean.
Ironically, though, Boris Johnson comes from a cosmopolitan family. He even lived in Brussels as a child where his father worked… for the European Union! Boris might come across as a funny eccentric, but he is also a ruthless politician. Now he has finally managed to become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and it seems that he is about to fulfil his promise of getting the country out of the European Union. What the future holds for both Johnson and Great Britain remains to be seen.