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UK Elections

Alla vigilia delle terze elezioni britanniche in quattro anni, ti raccontiamo tutto ciò che c'è da sapere sui partiti in lizza, i candidati e le proposte elettorali. E naturalmente sulla questione centrale: la Brexit.

On December 12th, the UK will have its third general election in the last four years. Almost 46 million voters, 38 million of them in England, will have the chance to participate in the most important general election since World War Two. The election will help to decide if the UK finally leaves the European Union after 46 years as a member.
The main parties in the election are the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party. The Conservatives are basically playing just one card, the ‘Get-out-of Europe’ Brexit card. Labour, which has no clear position on the Europe question, is trying to fight the election on its traditional battleground: economic and social questions. The Lib Dems’ position on Europe is very clear: they want to ignore the 2016 referendum result and stay in the EU. The SNP want to have a second referendum on Scottish independence.
What will happen on the 12th? Some opinion polls say Boris Johnson, the Conservative leader, will win a big majority. However, there are suggestions that this election will see a record amount of tactical voting. People desperate for the UK to stay in the EU could decide to vote for the candidate – from any party - most likely to defeat the Conservative candidate in any particular constituency. The Conservatives need to win 326 seats (out of a total of 650) to be able to carry out their plan to leave the EU at the end of January. All of Europe will be watching on the 12th.