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Flat Earthers

Il movimento terrapiattista fa sempre più proseliti. In tutto il mondo stanno aumentando le persone che credono che la terra sia piatta e che per secoli oscure cospirazioni siano riuscite a farci credere il contrario. Abbiamo intervistato alcuni sostenitori del terrapiattismo in California.

Hi, this is Talitha reporting for Speak Up magazine. I'm about to interview a group of flat earthers in Los Angeles about why they say the Earth is flat.

So happy to show you the 3D representation of the flat earth model. A man named Chris Pontius form Texas, at flatearthmodels.com had been working on creating an image of someting that explains how the Sun and the Moon may go round on what they call the flat earth.  

There’s a lot of disinformation. There’s a disinformationcampaign going on right now. For example, I’ve been interviewed before and it all, seemed like it was above-board, but then they take certain sound bites out and make a hit piece and make flat earthers look like we’re foolish.

And that's most people's, first time they hear about flat earthers, it's absurd, that's hilarious, why would anybody like believe that?

Are we mental, is the question? A little bit because we're already off the beaten path, we're already off center. So to the general population, of course we're different. Do you have any questions about the flat earth model would be my question.