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UK Elections – The Consequences

Ecco un riassunto del panorama politico britannico dopo le elezioni della scorsa settimana stravinte dal partito conservatore del premier Boris Johnson, mentre i laburisti di Jeremy Corbyn incassavano una sconfitta scottante. Cosa succederà ora? Scoprilo guardando il video.

The British General Election of December 12th produced a landslide victory for Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party. The Labour Party, meanwhile, suffered its worst Parliamentary results since 1935. Jeremy Corbyn has also resigned as the party’s leader. The Scottish National Party had an excellent election, taking 48 of the 59 seats north of the border. The poor result for the Liberal Democrats, with just eleven seats, has already cost the head of the party’s leader, Jo Swinson.

Britain’s winner-takes-all election system meant that the Conservatives, with 43.6 per cent of the votes, won 365 of the 650 seats. This means they now have a huge majority in Parliament.

Some consequences seem certain. One: the Labour Party will now have to decide its future. A civil war within the party is a possibility. Two: the Scottish National Party will ask for another referendum on independence from the United Kingdom.

Last but not least: Brexit is finally going to happen. Britain will now leave the European Union on January 31st, 2020. Negotiations about the new relationship with the EU will then begin. Boris Johnson says they will finish in December. Many experts think that this deadline is impossible. And remember: half the UK – Scotland and Northern Ireland – do not want to leave at all!