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Peggy Sue's Fabulous Diner

Il diner in stile anni '50 di Peggy Sue è ormai un'istituzione. Ogni anno lo visitano migliaia di turisti da tutto il mondo che vogliono ammirare la decorazione con cimeli provenienti dal mondo del cinema e assaporare le tradizionali specialità culinarie.

Hi, this is Talitha reporting for Speak Up magazine. I’m at the iconic landmark Peggy Sue’s 50s Diner in the city of Yermo, which is about midway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. And I’m here to interview the diner’s owner Peggy Sue.

And I had been in the movies in the 70s, about 70 or 80 or 100 movies I was in, and I had little parts, and I had memorabilia from those movies that I was in, pictures, different things, so we thought, you know what, we’ll put that stuff in the diner. I thought if this doesn’t work, if one person comes in and says, “This is so cheesy, I’m just getting out of here,” I’m taking it all down.

My husband and I, Champ, he runs the place now, I pretty much stay home, we’ve had it 32 years and we just keep everything going like it was, you know, the way it is. We have lot of things from the 50s and people bringing things that they have home, like something from the Titanic.
Well, we make all our food from scratch. We make chicken fried steak. We fry our fried chicken, we dip it in the butter, we do everything. It takes a little bit of time to do that. Chicken fried steak is a piece of beefsteak that’s been tenderized, put in flour, cornmeal, I mean flour and buttermilk, and it’s fried, it’s really good. You’ll have to try some of it.

People in here kind of calm down and they are happy to be here, they are happy I preserved a little of it.

I think without the past, there is no future. If you don’t honor the past, you don’t know where you came from.

I love the 50s. Everything was in a calmer, smoother rate than now. I’m really not into the Internet, I don’t get into any of that. I hope nobody looks us up on the Internet, we do have something but it’s awful. Anyway, I’m more like, “Come in and see us.”