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The Crown

Alla regina Elisabetta, e al resto della famiglia reale britannica, è dedicata la magnifica serie di Netflix The Crown, lanciata nel 2016. Te ne parliamo in questo video.

Epic royal drama The Crown premiered on Netflix in 2016. For the first two seasons the series starred Claire Foy as the young Elizabeth, who becomes Queen in 1952 at the age of twenty-five. The recent third and this year’s fourth season feature Olivia Colman in the title role, and cover the subsequent period into the 1980s. Two further seasons will, once again, dismiss the entire cast and bring in older models.
While the series is drama, not documentary, each episode is based on real events. The series also tells the extraordinary stories of lesser-known royals.
Although the real royal household has distanced itself from the series, The Crown has nevertheless changed perceptions of the monarchy. It enables viewers to appreciate both the challenges and the benefits of being in the Royal Family. Because sometimes reality is more astonishing than fiction.