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Speak Up from Home - Australia

Cosa succede in Australia mentre nel mondo ancora dilaga la pandemia di coronavirus? Per scoprire come il virus ha colpito il Paese più grande dell'Oceania, guarda questo video con la testimonianza di Estela, la nostra corrispondente da Sydney, che ci illustra come i suoi abitanti stanno vivendo il lockdown mentre ci porta a spasso per la città.

Hey! G'day mate! (good day mate!) My name is Estela. I'm from Barcelona and I have been living in Sydney for three months. In this time my life has completely changed.

I’m recording this to show you what life is like here under lockdown. The Coronavirus here has caused a lot of disruptions to everyday life, but Australians have found their own ways of dealing with it.
Now I can’t decide whether I’m living the great Australian adventure anymore, or whether I should just feel lucky to be able to go outside and do some things that Australians keep doing even now.
Sydney-siders live a lot of their life outside and the good news is that the government still allows everyone to exercise.
This means you can still see scenes like these every day, where people go to the beach or run along their favorite coastal tracks.
Many coffee shops and restaurants are still open, at least for delivery.
Public transport has been a lot emptier than usual, because the city has encouraged everyone who can to work from home.
That includes us students, who are still taking our classes online. I miss my classes, and being in touch with people in the real world, and getting to know from all the different cultures and backgrounds that you meet in Australia.
The first weeks of the lockdown were crazy and getting a roll of toilet paper was a real adventure.
Now it seems like things are getting back to normal and you can get everything in the supermarkets again. It seems like in a few weeks the Australian government will relax some of the lockdown rules. If things continue like this, it seems like Australia will be able to mostly beat Corona pretty soon.