Wednesday 19 September 2018

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N. 402 - Settembre


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In regalo: Work It Out!

Scarica il supplemento di Speak Up! Un exercise book con esercizi di vocabolario, lettura, comprensione e pronuncia, inframmezzati da...


Flash of the month

James Ellroy

Interview with the American crime fiction writer

afternoon tea

It's Tea Time!

The Taste of England



20 Years of Innovation


The Kardashians

A new celebrity dynasty

Magazine Extras

Set 2018

Tune into English presents...

KARAOKE! Sing along to this week's UK Top 10 (14th September)

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Set 2018

App, corso o esperienza all'estero?

Scopri i tre principali metodi di apprendimento della lingua inglese.

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Ago 2018

7 motivi per imparare una...

Ecco 7 buoni motivi per imparare una lingua. Sei pronto?

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Giu 2018

The best of the blog

The Speak Up blog answers any questions you may have either about the...

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SpeakUp In Class

These activities are designed to help teachers use three articles or stories published in SPEAK UP every month in the classroom with their students

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