Sunday 26 June 2016

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N. 375 - Giugno


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In regalo: Work It Out!

Scarica il supplemento di Speak Up! Un exercise book con esercizi di vocabolario, lettura, comprensione e pronuncia, inframmezzati da giochi,...


Flash of the month

A rainbow pedestrian crossing on Castro Street


San Francisco's gay community


Buckingham Palace

Our man at

Buckingham Palace 


What will happen to Europe on June 23rd?


Dublin salutes James Joyce

Magazine Extras

Andrea Pirlo
Lug 2016

Puoi battere Andrea Pirlo...

....con il tuo inglese? Prova il Kaplan Football Quiz e segui l'esperienza...

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Speciale Everybody wants IELTS
Giu 2016

Everybody wants IELTS!

È in edicola lo speciale di Speak Up dedicato a IELTS la...

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Giu 2016

The best of the blog

The Speak Up blog answers any questions you may have either about the ...

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Giu 2016

Everyday conversations: How do...


Come faccio ad arrivare...? Dare indicazioni in inglese: è la cosa...

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SpeakUp In Class

These activities are designed to help teachers use three articles or stories published in SPEAK UP every month in the classroom with their students

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