Friday 15 December 2017

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N. 393 - Dicembre


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In regalo: Work It Out!

Scarica il supplemento di Speak Up! Un exercise book con esercizi di vocabolario, lettura, comprensione e pronuncia, inframmezzati da giochi,...


Flash of the month


An academy for Father Christmases, in London!

Alexander Payne (left) and Matt Damon


We meet Matt Damon and Alexander Payne

Word of the Year  

What word would you choose to represent 2017?

Everyday Dialogues

How to talk about a pop concert in basic English!

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Dic 2017

Social media e lavoro

L’influenza dei social media nella ricerca del lavoro

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Dic 2017

Tune into English presents...

KARAOKE! Sing along to this week's UK Top 10 (11th December)

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Dic 2017

The best of the blog

The Speak Up blog answers any questions you may have either about the...

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Dic 2017

Il curriculum vitae

I 9 errori da evitare per essere chiamati per un colloquio

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SpeakUp In Class

These activities are designed to help teachers use three articles or stories published in SPEAK UP every month in the classroom with their students

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