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Poets' Corner - Soluzioni

Luglio 2010
Soluzioni agli esercizi presenti sulla rivista
Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher

Answers: Extra-terrestrial Lament

Exercise 1:

1. Have you ever smoked a cigar?

2. It really blows my mind when I see young children smoking a cigarette.

3. Some people think you are a fool if you smoke.

4. Have you ever been in a relationship where you felt trapped like a caged


5. Joe is working on a new project that may benefit all of humanity.

6. Ultimately, Joe intends on creating a spacecraft that will travel at the

speed of light.

7. Joe has always been interested in the universe and other cosmic pursuits.

8. Do you know the symbol for infinity?

9. Joe used to feel really stressed from having to study mathematics and

science all the time.

10. There are many science fiction movies about extra-terrestrials visiting

our planet.


Exercise 2:

1. His poem was such a sad lament that I felt like crying after reading it.

2. While I was in Cuba I bought 12 fantastic cigars to take back to Canada.

3. Studying can stress you out when you are in secondary school.

4. Jane wondered if her shortness of breath when running was relative to the

number of cigarettes she smoked that day.

5. What have you witnessed in your life that really blew your mind?

6. This project I am working on is taking much longer than I had


7. The fox was trapped after the hounds chased it from the woods and into

the cave.

8. Do you think you'd be scared if an extra-terrestrial being landed its

spaceship near your house?

9. If you don't know the symbol for infinity then you should look it up in

an encyclopedia.

10. "From Here to Eternity" is a famous novel written by James Jones. It is

loosely based on his experiences in the war.

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