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Dicembre 2014
E se Ikea avesse uno slogan, sincero, quale sarebbe? Ovvio: ci buttiamo dentro un pezzo in più, giusto per farvi impazzire!

di Kathleen Cornford and Bree Morgan

Honest slogans

We throw in extra parts, just to mess with you.” (Click here to enlarge the image) According to honestslogans.com this is what IKEA (which the English-speaking world pronounces “ai-kìa”) should say in its advertising. Christmas has many Nordic elements (Father Christmas, the food, the decorations) and now the Swedish furniture company IKEA is part of that. And if someone buys you one of their products, then you will realize (after many frustrating hours struggling with nuts, bolts, screws and other irritating little items) that this slogan is right!    

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