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Poets' Corner - Soluzioni

Novembre 2010
Soluzioni agli esercizi presenti sulla rivista

di Poetry by Ryan Fletcher, Exercises by Mark Charland

Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher


Exercise 1:

Unspeakable Mystery (2009)

Into the unspeakable mystery,
Since the beginning of history,
The greatest of complexity,
Was her.
She radiates and burns,
Then runs away and yearns,
Puts on a play, and then returns,
Always making turns.
On my very heart that beats,
My very soul that greets,
Whose very hold she keeps,
So wilfully.
She’ll go six thousand miles to catch my eye,
And six thousand more, to state goodbye,
And all I’m left to do is sigh,
‘Please come back for more’.
The essence of perfection,
She’s my natural selection,
But what was God’s intention,
In making this so hard.
I went to university,
And studied for that right degree,
And nothing had been failing me,
Till now.
I cannot even place two good words,
In an order that remotely works,
My heart’s a lion that only shirks,
And then finds a place to hide.
Away from unspeakable mysteries,
Safe to plan a plan to be
Part of that complexity,
The twinkle in her eye.

Exercise 2:

1. Her sexy dress and dazzling smile really caught my eye.

2. Sometimes Luca shirks his duties at the office by spending too much time
playing video games.

3. The twinkle of a very bright star can really make you wonder at times
about life somewhere else in the universe.

4. If you’re having a bad experience while travelling, you often yearn to be
back home.

5. Frequently the phrase, “Time is of the essence” is used in business

6. She had wilfully deceived me.

7. The complexity of the problem has baffled mathematicians for years.

8. The sun radiates life-giving energy for our planet.

9. When he found out he passed his exams, Marco let out a sigh of relief.

10. Many people, even today, are scarred forever from the unspeakable
horrors they experienced fleeing war-torn countries.

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