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Poets' Corner - Soluzioni

Dicembre 2010
Soluzioni agli esercizi presenti sulla rivista

di Ryan Fletcher, Exercises by Mark Charland

Ryan Fletcher
Ryan Fletcher


Exercise 1:


A hard shout ahead.
I am failed
I am failure,
All momentum is dead.
Like hell, like hell, like hell,
like hell I'll get my way!
I reached out to all of my friends,
And got nothing back today
Pray tell, pray,
What now do I do?
Drifting unaware,
Oceans wide, oceans bare,
Damn the sun's bright glare!
Living is never fair.
I am failure
I am failed
All momentum is dead.
All is vastness,
All is distance,
It's a hard shout ahead.

Exercise 2:

Vocabulary Review:

1. The football gathered momentum as it rolled down the hill.

2. It's a good idea to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.

3. The crowd shouted loudly after their team scored a goal.

4. The vastness of the universe has mystified people since the beginning of time.

5. Roberto and his friend hiked into the mountains, unaware of the dangers ahead.

6. He slipped on the icy trail and almost fell into a deep abyss.

7. On the way back down the mountain, the hikers watched the drifting clouds move in.

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