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An Artist in Love

Maggio 2013
Luke Jerram semina pianoforti in giro per il mondo (di questo e di altri progetti ne parliamo nel numero in edicola). In questa intervista l’artista ci racconta di altre opere d’arte, più personali e romantiche: l’anello di fidanzamento e la fede nuziale che ha personalmente creato per la sua compagna...

di Clare Salisbury

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This collage by Luke Jerram shows the variety and the success of his 'Play Me, I'm Yours' community piano project.
This collage by Luke Jerram shows the variety and the success of his 'Play Me, I'm Yours' community piano project.
Luke Jerram
Luke Jerram

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

Luke Jerram is the inventor of “Play Me, I’m Yours,” which involves placing pianos on streets in cities around the world. The hope is that people will play them, other people will gather round, and perfect strangers will start talking to each other. But, as Luke Jerram explains, this is just one of his many original art projects:

Luke Jerram (Standard British accent)

I’ve created a giant singing sculpture that is an Aeolian wind harp. It’s a 10- ton arch that’s maybe 6 metres tall, covered in tubes, and it sings in the wind. And I’ve toured that around the UK. It’s now looking for a permanent home somewhere. I also work with virologists and glass blowers to make glass sculptures of viruses, from HIV to SARS to smallpox. So they’re kind of crazy but incredibly beautiful artworks that are also slightly repellent, so you’re attracted to them but you’re also... repelled. The photographs of these artworks feature on scientific journals and magazines around the world. I’ve got some of these artworks in the famous museums around the world, from the Metropolitan Museum in New York to the Wellcome Collection in London. But I’m happy to apply my creativity to anything, so I made my girlfriend’s engagement ring, and it’s got my voice etched onto the outside of it like a miniature phonograph. So a 23-second-long message has been cut onto the edge of the ring and then you can play back that ring on a miniature record player that I made for her, and it plays my proposal. So that was the engagement ring, and the wedding ring I made, you hold up to a light, and the light maybe from a candle will pass through and project portraits of us and the kids. So it’s... the world first miniature portrait-projecting ring!

 (Luke Jerram was talking to Clare Salisbury)

For more on Luke Jerram’s art, go to: http://www.lukejerram.com/

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