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Cornwall's Treasures Rock

Agosto 2009
Anche la Cornovaglia ha la sua Saint-Tropez. Si chiama Rock ed è situata sul Camel Estuary. Elegante, pittoresca, rilassata. E soprattutto poco conosciuta.

di John Rigg

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Daymer Bay
Daymer Bay

Speaker: Justin Ratcliffe (Standard British accent)

Rock is a small village on the north side of the Camel Estuary in North Cornwall. At first it looks like any other Cornish village. The narrow road to the village has high hedges which limit your view until you arrive at the seafront.
The first surprise is the number of boats anchored in the bay. There are boats of all sizes, from tiny dinghies to splendid yachts and powerful cruisers. The village shop has superb selections of expensive wines and cheeses. Next we discover several exclusive art galleries.
What is the answer to Rock’s mysterious secret? It is Cornwall’s “St. Tropez”: the favourite resort of Britain’s rich, upper-class tourists, including Hugh Grant, Prince Harry  and the Rothschild family.


Why is Rock so special? First of all, the Camel Estuary offers clear, calm waters for boats, water sports and swimming. There are golden beaches and sand dunes that stretch from Rock to the mouth of the estuary and the Atlantic Ocean.
Behind the high hedges of the village roads, there are exclusive villas and holiday homes. Tourists can enjoy the glorious sunsets across the Camel Estuary, play at the famous St. Enodoc golf course, or discover the curious, little St. Enodoc Church lost in the sand dunes nearby. The church commemorates the life of the hermit Enodoc who lived in a cave here. The more adventurous can leave the protection of the estuary to find Polzeath Bay where the waves are perfect for surfing.  


The Black Tor, the oldest foot ferry in England, takes visitors across the estuary to Padstow, a busy tourist resort.
Padstow is also the start of the Camel Trail. This converted railway track is a beautiful walk over an old iron bridge and through the village of Wadebridge, to Bodmin Moor. Outside Wadebridge there is Castle Killibury: according to legend, this was the court of King Arthur.

For further information, visit: http://www.camelestuarydirectory.com/

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narrow - stretta.

high hedges - siepi alte.

tiny dinghies - minuscole lance.

powerful cruisers - potenti cabinati.

sand dunes - dune di sabbia.

foot ferry - ferry per passeggeri.

railway track - binari ferroviari.

iron bridge - ponte di ferro.

moor - brughiera