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Crowdfund your English!

Marzo 2014
Vuoi studiare inglese all'estero, ma hai problemi economici? Prova con StartMeUp, il progetto di crowdfunding per il finanziamento dei soggiorni studio.

di Kathleen Cornford


Crowdfund your English!

Italians now have a unique opportunity to finance their English courses abroad through crowdfunding. This is the practice of soliciting contributions from a large group of people, and especially from an online community. StartMeUp is the first Italian organisation to promote crowdfunding for learning English. Students can combine their creativity with the crowdfunding process in order to cover the costs of their language training.  
StartMeUp users offer incentives in exchange for money to support their project. They can create gadgets, design t-shirts, go cooking at someone’s house, shave their head or dye their hair, all in exchange for a small monetary reward.
StartMeUp was born in partnership with Indiegogo, one of the leading portals in the field of crowdfunding. Students can raise funds to finance part or all of the costs to study English abroad by creating a profile and sharing it within a targeted network.
If the project is valid, friends, relatives and strangers can pay for part of the trip while getting something in return.
StartMeUp is free.
Users can get money for their course fees, accommodation or just some expenses related to the stay abroad (flights, meals etc.).
To request an invitation go to: KAPLAN.DO/CROWD
To create a profile go to: indiegogo.com/partners/Kaplan
To download the guide on How to Crowdfund Your English go to: http://bit.ly/IwzQ3U
Email: italy@kaplan.com

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