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Dear John

Gennaio 2014
You can write to John Peter Sloan about your problems in love, life, everything. Write to him (in English, please! And put “Dear John” as the subject) at: webmaster@speakupmagazine.it By the way, John doesn’t enjoy answering questions about grammar and language. So, if you have any, please post them on language blog

di John Peter Sloan

John Peter Sloan
John Peter Sloan

Dear John
My boyfriend is jealous and he wants to know about my past, how many partners I’ve had etc... Should I tell him the truth?

Don’t tell him anything, it’s none of his business! What you shared with people in the past should remain between you and them. And  remember: whatever number you give him will be too many!

Dear John,
I’ve been dreaming of my “Prince Charming” since I was very little. Now I’m 17, and I’ve never had any kind of romantic experience, and I wonder: why do my friends have so many admirers? Am I so ugly? boring? horrible? What’s wrong with me? If I look at myself in the mirror, I see a pretty girl. But I completely change my mind every time a boy refuses me. Can you give me any advice on how to have more self-esteem, or how I could make a boy like me?

Hey special girl!
Listen, I had my first relationship when I was 18. Until then I tried but failed and, like you, I thought I’d be alone for life. Now I understand that I was just sending the wrong message. You say you have low self-esteem, but you think you’re beautiful, so that means you ARE.
Also, remember that a 17-year- old girl is light years ahead of a 17-year-old boy. We don’t grow up until we’re 30! (and some of us NEVER do). My advice is stop looking for love. When you don’t look for it, IT COMES!

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