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Dear John

Dicembre 2013
You can write to John Peter Sloan about your problems in love, life, everything. Write to him (in English, please! And put “Dear John” as the subject) at: webmaster@speakupmagazine.it By the way, John doesn’t enjoy answering questions about grammar and language. So, if you have any, please post them on http://blog.speakuponline.it

di John Peter Sloan

John Peter Sloan
John Peter Sloan

Dear John,
I’d like to know your opinion on why people like to gossip so much. Sometimes people confuse friendship with giving detailed explanations about their personal lives and the routines of their families: “My husband did this and that”, “My children did that bla bla bla”  Why do I have to put up with this? Please tell me, why should I have to worry about what happens in other people’s lives? Wouldn’t it be more  interesting to have friends who talked about movies, books, science, Speak Up articles? Why do people think that everyone is interested in the details of their personal lives?

Women bond through conversation and when you bond through conversation details are like little gifts that you give each another.
This isn’t all women, of course, but your message really does sound like it’s from a man. You think like one of us!  We could never stand all this gossip rubbish. Do what we men do, smile politely and take the first opportunity to escape!

Dear John,
My name is Elaine. I’m 34 years old and I’m from Brazil. I’ve been working as a secretary in a law court for six years. Since the beginning I’ve noticed one of my bosses is a kind of psychopath. She is a stalker with everybody in my office. For my own safety, I’ve ignored her for a long time, but her madness knows no bounds. And it’s getting worse! I’d like to avoid the stress of a harassment suit. So, what do you suggest? How would an Englishman deal with this situation? Despite being a peaceful person, sometimes I tend to have strong feelings, like most Latin Americans.

Now, I too have a stalker. No joke. A lady from Sicily who sends me strange letters and photos.  It isn’t a funny matter, I agree.
If it’s your boss and you don’t want to go legal, I suggest you start stalking her. That’s the last thing she’ll expect!


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