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Enjoy a second summer in the Southern Hemisphere!

Ottobre 2014
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di ESL- Soggiorni linguistici


Summer is sadly over, so get ready for a couple of gloomy months, when days get shorter, temperatures drop and the rain settles in.
Why not escape the European winter and spend some time in the Southern Hemisphere? A language course abroad is the best way to enjoy a second summer and have fun while improving your language level and developing useful skills for your future.

How can I find the perfect language course for me?

Some specialized agencies work with a wide network of language schools around the world and can help you find the right programme for you, according to your tastes, needs and objectives. For example, ESL – Soggiorni linguistici, which has offices in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Verona and Turin, offers free and personalized advice to help you plan your tailor-made project.

I’m on a budget, can I find a job abroad?

If you intend to study for at least 13 weeks in Australia, you need to get a Student Visa, which allows you to work for up to 20 hours per week. Finding a job abroad is a great way to practise the language in a different environment, develop your skills and meet new people while earning pocket money.

A Student Visa in New Zealand offers similar advantages, but you must study for at least 14 weeks to have the right to work in the country.

If you wish to work without studying for more than three months, you can apply for an Australian or New Zealand Working Holiday Visa. Italian citizens are eligible for these visas, which entitle you to work for up to one year in Australia or New Zealand. This is a unique opportunity to combine travel, study and work, and enjoy a life-changing experience.

I would like to make a difference during my stay, what can I do?

In South Africa you have the possibility to do some volunteering to help the local community. For example, you could work in an orphanage and spend time with underprivileged children. Or you could look after wild animals in an animal sanctuary. Those programmes are ideal for developing your skills while working for a good cause.

So come on and take the next step: the world belongs to those who speak foreign languages!


For more info, contact ESL on +39 02 89 05 84 44, see www.esl.it or visit their office in Roma, Milano, Bologna, Verona or Turin.

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