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Honest slogans: Bic

Ottobre 2014
"Probabilmente non l'hai comprata". Se lo slogan della Bic (sia che si tratti di penne sia di accendini) fosse sincero, direbbe sicuramente questo!

di Kathleen Cornford and Bree Morgan

Honest slogans

Continuing our series of "honest slogans," this month we look at Bic, the world's most popular brand of biro and lighter. If the company's advertising campaign was sincere, what would it say? “You probably didn’t buy it!"
This is because, whether you did so in good faith, intentionally or by mistake, it is highly likely that you stole it! And you need to learn another of the great facts of life: if you own a bic biro or lighter and you lend it to someone, then you will never see it again!  (Click here to enlarge the image.)

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