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On this day in 1965... "Yesterday"

Settembre 2013
Il 13 settembre 1965 usciva negli Stati Uniti “Yesterday”. Secondo il Guinness Book of Records, è la canzone di maggior successo di sempre: vanta più di 2.000 cover. Paul racconta di averla sognata e all’inizio s’intitolava “Scrambled Eggs” (uova strapazzate!), ma leggete tutta la storia...

di Mark Worden


The Beatles
The Beatles

Today marks a special anniversary: on September 13th, 1965 The Beatles released the single, Yesterday. According to a BBC poll in 1999 it was “the best song of the 20th century.” It was also the most popular: at least 2,200 cover versions have been recorded so far.
Yesterday was released as a single on September 13th in the United States, but not in Britain. In actual fact the song had already appeared on the album Help, which had been released in the UK on August 6th.
Even though Yesterday is credited to Lennon-McCartney, it was written and performed by Paul McCartney. He played an acoustic guitar and was accompanied by a string quartet (which was added later), but not by the other Beatles.
According to legend, the melody for this simple two-minute song came to McCartney in a dream, when he was living at the family home of his girlfriend, Jane Asher, in London’s Wimpole Street. He was worried that it was not an original composition and that he had subconsciously plagiarised it. He therefore played it to several music company executives, but, seeing as nobody recognised it, he realised that it was his.
And so McCartney had an original tune but no words. For several months he simply called it Scrambled Eggs: “Scrambled Eggs, Oh, baby, how I love your legs” but fortunately inspiration came and he changed this to “Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.” The rest, as they say, is history.

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