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Refresh! WordWatch by Zanichelli

Febbraio 2016
Il nuovo dizionario Zanichelli, con tanti neologismi!

The English language is constantly evolving. And, in order to help you keep up to speed, the Zanichelli (English-Italian, Italian-English) “Ragazzini” Dictionary now features a section called WordWatch. This includes the most interesting neologisms that appear in the language every year, complete with explanations as to how they came into existence. Take, for example, the word bake-off, which comes from the BBC TV show The Great British Bake Off, in which amateur bakers compete with each other to produce the best cakes and pastries. And then there’s binge watching, which describes the habit of watching several episodes of the same TV series in a row. It’s a variation on binge drinking, which refers to drinking far too much alcohol in one evening (or afternoon, or morning).
Wordwatch can also be followed in a blog (http://dizionaripiu.zanichelli.it/wordwatch) which adds new words and expressions every week. Recent examples include: Brexit (“British exit”) and Grexit (“Greek exit”), the idea that Britain and Greece could leave the European Union.
The digital version of Ragazzini 2016 also contains the pronunciation of every entry, as well as 2,000 phrases.
The complete version (plus DVD) costs € 81.

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