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Luglio 2020
KARAOKE! Sing along to this week's UK Top 10 (26th June)

1. DaBaby-Rockstar (feat. Roddy Ricch)   

2. Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande-Rain On Me                                  

3. Topic-Breaking Me (feat. A7S)                                                         

4.  Jawsh 685 & Jason Derulo-Savage Love                              

5. S1MBA-Rover (Mu La La) (feat. DTG)

6. AJ Tracey-Dinner Guest (feat. Mostack)               

7. Harry Styles-Watermelon Sugar       

8. Megan Thee Stallion-Savage Remix (feat. Beyonce)                                                        

9. 220 Kid with GRACEY-Don’t Need Love    

10. Regard & RAYE-Secrets

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