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MGM at 90: We Meet Leo the lion!

Ecco “la cerimonia del leone”, ovvero quando anche la mitica icona della MGM ha impresso le sue zampe sulla Walk of Fame di Hollywood: a celebrare l’evento è Mr. Sylvester Stallone! LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED) 

Gary Barber (South African accent):

Without further ado, I present the legendary icon, the symbol of 90 remarkable years in cinema, the King of the Jungle…

Sylvester Stallone (Italian American accent):

When I was lucky enough to show up with this guy from Philadelphia called Rocky Balboa, and it was born, the character was born under the MGM banner. We may have had the eye of the tiger but it was the lion that put us on the map! He made it all happen, really! And congratulations to the man, Gary Barber, who has done an outstanding job in restoring MGM back to its former glory. Today MGM is stronger than ever under his leadership. So I just want to say to Gary, “Yo, champ!” Keep punching!”

Gary Barber:

You got it, dude!

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