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Recommended Reading: Kalyan Ray, No Country

Il professore anglo-indiano Kalyan Ray a 50 anni si è scoperto scrittore di successo. Il suo segreto? Scrivere con la stilografica! Guardate questo breve video di presentazione e poi godetevi l’intervista e un estratto del suo libro...

Kalyan Ray (Indian accent)

My name’s Kalyan Ray and I was born in India, in Calcutta, and my second novel is No Country. I’m in the process of writing my third one and actually immersed in it. Here I am in Italy, talking about No Country to a number of journalists and future readers of my novel. I hope that you will enjoy it, and good luck!

(Kalyan Ray was talking to Mark Worden)

The interview continues in the March issue of Speak Up (article: Ireland and India a tale of two countries), click here to listen to it.