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Expo optimism

Tutti catastrofisti riguardo a Expo? Assolutamente no! Abbiamo incontrato il console britannico ed esperti di design, investimenti e trade: tutti entusiasti del progetto e di come si stanno evolvendo i lavori. E a maggio su Speak Up, l’”expo optimism”continua...

Tim Flear (Standard British accent)

Well, from a UK side, we’re hugely enthusiastic, not least because the Expo authorities are predicting around 700,000 UK visitors to Milan to visit Expo. We’ve got a fantastic pavilion project, I visited there yesterday, it’s looking wonderful, it’s… it’s an art object in itself, but also we’ve got a... a very serious business programme that we’ve launched which will run alongside that Expo participation. We’re looking to create a billion pounds worth of additional value for the UK economy through our commercial efforts in Italy and around the globe.

Julia Gash (Standard British accent)

Well, I really didn’t know about the Expo until I came here but, you know, I’m really keen, because I’ve done the Milan bag, I really want to come back and maybe do something really creative and interactive, so I’m talking to the UKTI about that, and see  what we can drum up, so, yeah, my... mind’s ticking now to see what I can do, and so, hopefully, you’ll see me back here in June!

Nicola Bolton (Standard British accent)

Well, I met with some Milanese business leaders yesterday and they said, “Ah, does the site really exist?” because I think there is a bit of a joke amongst the locals here that the site is not going to be ready on time. I can tell you it’s there, I’ve driven round it – yesterday – our UK Pavilion is well on its way to being half-complete and will be complete by the 31st March, and indeed some of the pavilions are already complete themselves, so it’s there, it’s happening, it’s going to be really exciting, and I’m actually thinking about coming back myself just as a tourist to go and see it!

(The interviewees were talking to Mark Worden at The Green Closet, a British design event organized by UKTI - UK Trade & Investment - in Milan in February)

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