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Work and study abroad: Advice on studying abroad

Jane Pollard è una education counsellor: se si vuole intraprendere un’esperienza di studio all’estero - fare l’università in paesi anglofoni, viaggi estivi o il quarto anni di liceo all’estero - ci si può rivolgere a lei. In questo video ci parla del suo lavoro e l’intervista continua, in edicola, sullo Speciale di Speak Up “Let’s Go Abroad”! - LANGUAGE LEVEL C1 (ADVANCED) By Mark Worden

Jane Pollard (Standard British accent)

I’m Jane Pollard, and I’m an education counsellor, and I work with U4You, and... our business really is advising students who would like to study abroad, usually in an English-speaking country, so we help students in choosing what they want to study, where they want to study and how to go about it, so a question of the admissions requirements and the testing that you need to do, also documentation and the personal statements that you need to write about yourself. The... we look at the universities in the US and the UK in particular, but there’s also a question of... of advising students on summer programmes, or even for, in some cases, the fourth year study abroad for students at the liceo. We can advise on  language courses, but the main focus really is helping students to identify which course they want to study and where they’d like to study and what would be best for their particular interests, hopes, aspirations and abilities.

(Jane Pollard was talking to Mark Worden)

The interview continues in Let’s Go Abroad, the special issue of Speak Up which is on sale at newsstands (click here).

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